Andrée Marcoux

Gallery : Le Bourget

Birth : Born in Montréal in 1966.

Training: Holding a degree in visual arts from Laval University, Marcoux has been painting professionally for over twenty years.

Medium: Oil and mixed media.

Artistic Approach: The artist is quoted as saying, "I first painted landscapes but later devoted myself to animals. It has since become my specialty … I do not seek perfection of the subject, but more so emotion through a soft enveloping light or the expression of a stare. The result is an atmosphere of cozy intimacy and protection ".

Exhibitions: Andrée Marcoux is actively involved in the art world. She regularly participates in symposiums and exhibitions nationwide.

Collections: Marcoux’s pieces can be found in private collections across the globe.

Association: Signatory member of the IAF; the Institute of Figurative Arts since 2014.

Awards: Elected ‘Favorite Artist’ from the audience repeatedly in her appearances in various symposiums from 1998 to today.

Media coverage: The popular TV show ‘Salut Bonjour’ presents her work in 1993. Magazin'art Spring Edition in 1999 dedicated a beautiful reportage. The articles in local and national newspapers regularly cover her artistic activities to date.