Gallery : Le Luxart

Birth: Claudia Campbell (CLO) was born in Saint-Jérôme in 1981.

Training: Clo’s foray into the arts began with an early interest in music. By age 12, she had worked with the violin, viola, as well as the cello. Despite years spent in study at the Music Conservatory of McGill University. Clo later graduated in the field of graphic design and came to work for one of Montreal’s most reputed advertising firms.

Medium: Acrylic and Mixed Media.

Artistic approach: Sensuous textures and embossed effects are Clo’s signature. As an artist, she has a discernible facility for capturing emotions and conveying them through colour as well as contrast. Her gestural approach is based entirely on intuition and it is in this which that she connects with, and expresses herself to, viewers through her work.

Exhibitions: The artist has participated in several group and solo exhibitions in Québec.

Collections: Private in North America and Europe.