Susan Jillette SooZ

Gallery : Le Bourget
Susan JilletteSooZ

Birth: Susan Jillette was born in Nova Scotia. She currently lives in Montréal area.

Training: She studied drawing at Mount St. Vincent University in Nova Scotia but since 2001, shortly after graduating with honours from the Illustration and Design career program at Dawson College in Montréal, she became a professional painter.

Medium: Acrylic.

Artistic Approach: ‘‘My present series, Improbables Creatures, is meticulously designed and painted with a mechanical Steampunk aesthetic in mind. To achieve a unique industrial appearance, I combine drawings of nuts, bolts, rivets and gears with other found objects, into an inventively-designed image. I then use acrylic paint to create textures, with stamping, dry brushing, splattering or by using any other technique which will give me the desired effect that I am after. By merging the mundane with the exotic, I find that I can introduce fantasy and whimsical proponents into my work’’ says SooZ.
She is inspired by the style of the 19th century scientific romance where the steam technology, mechanics and the use of noble materials such as copper, brass and leather created a retro-future vision that takes place in a fantastic Jules Verne’s vibe. SooZ can add a glistening jewel to rusting metals; she creates her own world and shares the poetry of usual objects with you.

Exhibitions: Numerous solo and group exhibitions since 2003 in Quebec and Ontario.

Collections: Her paintings can be found in private and corporate collections across Canada, United States, Holland, France, England, Russia, Poland and China.

Association: SooZ has been honoured by being elected into the Society of Canadian Artists (SCA), the International Guild of Realism (IGOR) and Autour de Nous (AND) a group of local professional artists.

Awards: SooZ has won many awards in Quebec and Ontario judged by her peers and the public. Accordingly, she was chosen to exhibit her work in Italy and her work is in the permanent collection in the Château Réaux in France.

Media coverage: Since 2004, SooZ’s art has been the object of many articles in newspapers and art magazines.