Alain LeBlond

Alain LeBlond

Artistic approach

Free to express his visual fantasies and create both imaginary and realistic works of exceptional quality and finesse, Alain LeBlond innovates from an unusual perspective in complementarity with his musical compositions.
« I do sculpture work without support in an infinite virtual space without the possibility of being able to touch a concrete structure. »
Its virtual shapes float in a state of weightlessness in a black void like the stars in the night. Alain LeBlond's art captivates... the precision and meticulousness of each detail to illustrate the immaterial chimera.


3D Digital Art; UV ink (Archives) on raw aluminum.


Musician from a young age, Alain LeBlond played the organ at his parish church as a teenager. He was passionate about photography and architecture, but it was at the Conservatoire de musique de Québec that he studied the organ and then moved on to musical composition. In 1989 he created his own publishing house and discovered computerized music recording. He quickly realizes that the computer also allows him to explore the visual arts...
On the lookout for all progress in 3D modeling, Alain LeBlond attends a workshop at the National Animation and Design Center in Montreal, he acquired very high-level 3D equipment to very quickly become a virtuoso of hyper realistic illustration techniques in a self-taught way by accumulating thousands and thousands of hours of creation.


Born November 20, 1957 in Quebec.


The artist has participated in several exhibitions across Quebec.


Private collections throughout North America and Europe.


Author of the book Aspiration, Blurb Editions 2021.