Alex Cuber et Gabriella Luciano

Alex Cuber et Gabriella Luciano

Artistic approach

Alex and Gabriella are one of the couples of contemporary artists who, in addition to sharing their passion for art, enjoy great success. The inspiration of one and the other link of the duo of artists working together in the creation of a collaborative production seem logical since they evolve in the same artistic sphere. Their mode of expression also has similarities. They flourish as much in their common creations as in their respective works. They share their own inspirations and knowledge in order to enrich their iconography and innovate by producing their works in various media. The intimate association of these two artists offers us work of art full of colors and contrasts where everyone finds space to reinterpretation ...


Mixed on steel and aluminum.


Alex graduated in graphic and commercial design while Gabriella studied fashion design and costume design for theater. It was by working both in the world of fashion, then as painters that their respective worlds merged into an explosion of rich colors and a current aestheticism.


Both were born in Montreal in the late 1970s.


The artist duo participated in several exhibitions across North America.


Private collections throughout North America and Europe.