Andréa Marquis

Andréa Marquis

Artistic approach

Andréa refined her technique and artistic touch for 15 years before making her first exhibition. She started her career with a hyper realistic and colorful style, with many details. The mastery of her brushstroke gives her confidence, but over time this form of expression became more and more restrictive for her and felt artistically bullied. It was the start of a long transition. This four-year period allowed her to explore and express what she felt deep inside, subjects that were more than alive, very expressive and vibrant. It is with these sets of movements and colors that a very contemporary figurative subject has followed. Today, she dares. She is overflowing with pleasure in emphasizing her play of light and shadow with imposing curves. Reconnected to the passion for painting that had animated her since the age of 8, we feel all the energy that animates her with this spontaneity and this movement that leaves the viewer indifferent.




Self-taught artist, it is through her sustained work and her passion that she develops a solid technique confirmed by a year of painting lessons with the artist Suzanne Desmarais.


Granby, Québec.


Several exhibitions across Quebec, Ontario and London, England.


The artworks of Andréa Marquis are part of private collections in Canada, United States and Europe.

Media coverage

Journal Le Plus en Août 2012 et en Mars 2014. La Voix de l’Est en 1999, 2014 et en 2016.