Artistic approach

The figures in Anicko’s painted works are constructed in a manner analogous to the geometric shapes of traditional stained glass windows. This artistic device is complimented by the use of vibrant colours and characteristically darker backgrounds. This contrast lends prominence and majesty to each of her subjects.
"My vision and my aesthetic choices are mixed. I represent them in the form of colorful characters with faces constructed piece by piece, much like human puzzles with variable circuits. They are part of the same community somewhere inside us. They are I, he, she or them, "she said.




Anick Bouchard's (Anicko) work is foremost inspired by the myriad of artists with whom she has surrounded herself throughout her life. Having first studied popular music and jazz, she developed a keen interest in stage direction, scenery, and costumes. This intrigue later developed into a new and formative artistic direction upon her entry into, and graduation from, the Make-Up Program at College Inter-Dec in Montréal. Thereafter, having worked in the fashion and television industry for more than ten years, Anicko returned to her hometown to focus primarily on her artistic career. This has resulted in the production of stunning works which, in presenting strong female figures, ingeniously obscures the boundaries between the masks which they wear and the reality which is concealed underneath.


Born in 1984 in the Saguenay region in the province of Quebec.


The artist has participated in several exhibitions throughout Quebec.


Private collections throughout North America and Europe.