Annabelle Marquis

Annabelle Marquis

Artistic approach

In an unfolding of colors and contrasts, the artist took the artistic world by surprise by his unique vision of the collage amalgamated to her works. Subtly at the beginning, then squarely in the foreground afterwards, the magazines or decorative papers participate in the pictorial aspect in an amazing way. Twirling on a nebulous background or celebrate a figurative subject, the eye is turned to face this printed and juxtaposed information. A fluttering effect, movement in intense colors creates a universe where it is good to get lost.
The works of Annabelle Marquis convey with harmony opposite qualifications: aerial and yet dark and colorful, softness and strength, tranquility and agitation. Far from worrying about his antinomies, the artist gives free rein to her inspiration and willingly follows the wave of creative gesture. "The paintings are like children, they have their individuality. You have hopes and an idea of what they will be. But it's never like you think and it is better like that !’’More philosophical accomplishments, such as the benefits of accidents, cultivate in this artist a mentality centered on the positive and the opening on the unknown.


Mixed technique: acrylic and collages.


After completing her college studies in Fine Arts and then in Graphic Design (environment where she worked for a few years), Annabelle Marquis took advantage of her maternity leave to reconnect with painting and found happiness in contact with the material, absent from her use largely centered on the computer. For pleasure, she organizes an exhibition for her entourage where everything will be sold. "For me, being a painter was not really a job." In 2009, her painting 'Les ailes d'Icare' won the first prize in the Gala International Arts Visuels competition, which propelled her career as a professional painter across Canada.


Born in Montréal in 1979.


The artist has participated in numerous symposiums, solo and group exhibitions across Canada, United States, Europe and Asia.


Annabelle Marquis's works of art are part of public collections of Quebec companies and private collections all over the world.


Member of the Circle of Artists Painters and Sculptors of Quebec.


The artist has won multiple awards and distinctions for his outstanding works.

Media coverage

Magazin'Art, Course, Decover Mag and Focus are some of the many art magazines across the country that have dedicated articles and reports on the art of Annabelle Marquis