Annie Bourgeois Nie B

Annie Bourgeois Nie B

Artistic approach

Guided by her aesthetic ideal, Nie B is inspired by the ninth art and the world of fashion. Such as fashion, one of its characteristics comes from its incessant change; the artist with playful style is renewed in each work. She also likes to make us travel in time through the distinctive tastes of an era and the look it returns. The shimmering colors and glitter of her finish enliven her compositions with a meticulous attention to detail. The freshness of expression of the artist is found in each of her pieces that constitute her collection in the same way as the great creators of trends.




Having drawn during all her youth, Annie Bourgeois took oil painting classes to improve herself. Giving her more confidence in her talent, Annie explores other mediums in a self-taught way and is charmed by the effects of stained glass painting. The brilliance of the colors highlights her figurative style inspired by the comic strip. Her signature, Nie B, is her trademark that makes her unique.


The artist lives in Saguenay area.


The artist has participated in several symposia and exhibitions throughout Quebec.


Private collections throughout North America and Europe.