Benoît Paradis

Benoît Paradis

Artistic approach

In the early 90s, the city of Toronto offered him the opportunity to deepen his drawing In Situ where artists were inspired by their immediate environment. Since then, the sketchbook will always follow the artist. In 2012, from a trip to San Francisco, he participated in the West Coast Urban Sketchers Sketch Crawl. The canvas entitled «Maison Oakland» inspired by a drawing made on the spot marks the first steps which will define the style of Benoît Paradis. Comics and fluidity of animation are omnipresent in its DNA and inhabit its paintings. For him, acrylic is his favorite medium with its bright colors and the possible speed of application which perfectly expresses its deep nature. The idea is to interpret reality and not to make a true copy of it. He likes to exaggerate and amplify reality, which allows everyone to take a new look at everyday life and thus broaden their vision, endowed with a new perspective.




Benoît spends most of his childhood, sitting at the kitchen table, his nose in a comic book. With a pencil in hand, he spends his time drawing characters, caricatures and cars. As a young adult, he decided to study mechanical design to ensure his financial security and pursues a career where he worked in aeronautical design between Montreal and Seattle for thirty years. His keen interest in the arts and an undeniable talent led him to complete studies in Visual Arts at Cegep du Vieux-Montréal and subsequently in animation cinema at Concordia University. The artistic side takes back its rights.


Born in Montreal.


Since the end of 2013, his brand new Studio in Paradise workshop has been created. Little by little, artistic creations are multiplying; exhibitions, art fairs and professional art galleries.


Benoît Paradis’s art is part of private collections across North America and Europe.


2015-2018 – ALPAP (City of Laval Artists Association)


2009 - Finalist One-Top Competition, SAS Gallery, Montreal. 2002 - Full Circle Award, Concordia University, Montreal. 2001/2002 – Scholarship for « Most Illustrated Visual Arts Student », Concordia University, Montreal.

Media coverage

Telling Stories, Art & Design by Marie Agnes Moller for Contemporary Art Magazine, Number 20 – Summer 2019.