Cynthia Bond

Cynthia Bond

Artistic approach

Cynthia Bond’s style is from the next generation of contemporary art. As she progressed artistically, her work is mainly declined in large figurative compositions in which social criticism and parts of travel memories collide. The environment, overconsumption and human exploitation are recurring subjects in her work, sometimes even treated with a touch of humor, sarcasm. Artist’s choice of subjects are imbued with strong symbolism insofar as the image transcends representation, it allows us to touch the sacred, to reach a dimension larger than life.
Throughout her artistic process, Cynthia Bond interweaves creative impulse and technicality, freedom and restraint, spontaneity and reflections, so that in the end, the work exists by itself. Her deep motivations with regard to her passion for various mediums, pursuit of technical skills and pure research. In addition, the originality of her work gives her a special place where she stands out from other emerging artists.




Geographer by training and a globetrotter at heart, she has been pursuing a career as a painter for several years.


Cynthia Bond was born in Quebec City.


The artist has participated in several exhibitions across Quebec.


Private collections throughout North America and Europe.