Bruno Tomei

Bruno Tomei

Artistic approach

Tomei’s work represents the teachings which he believes that animals hold for humankind. With deep concerns for environmental issues, the artist relies on found materials in nature and, in his own words, he merely endeavors to follow their natural shapes to create his sculptures. His gift for transforming bits of driftwood into pieces which both inspire and evoke thought have led him to become one of Quebec’s most preeminent artists.


Mixed media and recycled material.


Bruno Tomei’s foray into the artworld began with his habitual exercise of collecting driftwood from the Gaspé Coast’s beaches. Recognizing the unique shapes of each piece, and the ways in which they resembled the animal figures of native folklore, he began bringing them home and transforming them into beautiful sculptures.


Bruno Tomei was born in Schefferville, Québec.


The sculptures of Bruno Tomei can be found in private collections around the world.