Camille Dionne

Camille Dionne

Artistic approach

Camille Dionne's artistic approach focuses on nature, memories and the stories that emanate from it. Nature, animals and humans have always been at the center of her artistic practice. She is inspired by the landscapes that surround us by creating fluid and vaporous spaces where dream and reality coexist. The blend of colors and materials that she offers plunge us into different atmospheres created by her superimposed images and vaporous colors. The fictitious landscapes illustrated in her works tell stories that will awaken unique memories in those who observe them. The artist’s works rhyme with the nomadic way of life and will take you on a journey within the image itself.




Camille holds a college diploma in Graphic Design and a bachelor's degree in Visual Arts and Communication from Laval University. Fashion designer and illustrator for the Quebec company La Maison Simons since 2017, she now devotes herself to her lifelong passion; painting.


Born in Sainte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier in Quebec.


The artist has participated in several exhibitions across Quebec.


Private collections throughout North America and Europe.

Media coverage

Le Fil Newspaper of Laval University, Interview with the artist, 2017.
Portrait of an artist for the magazine Quoi Faire à Québec, 2015.
Journal le Soleil (Quebec City Newspaper), article on the event Signé Saint-Roch and its guest artists, 2015