Camille Dionne

Camille Dionne

Artistic approach

Camille's artistic approach focuses on nature, the memories and the stories that emanate from it. Nature, animals and humans have always been at the center of his artistic practice. It is inspired by the landscapes that surround us by creating fluid and vaporous spaces where dream and reality coexist. The mixtures of colors and materials it offers immerse us in different atmospheres delivered by the flora, marked by movement and time. The fictional landscapes illustrated in his works tell stories that will awaken unique memories in the one who observes them. The artist’s work rhymes with the nomadic lifestyle and will take you on a journey inside the image.




Camille holds a college diploma in graphic design in addition to a bachelor's degree in visual and media arts from Laval University. Since 2017, she has held the position of fashion designer and illustrator for the Quebec company La Maison Simons.