Artistic approach

The pictorial expression is invariably supported by music, fuel essential to the creation for CAMPO, which, eclectic, grants her choices to her moods. Her pictorial language is the culmination of this fusion of inner and outer spaces where emotion dominates.
Layer on layer, on a background without intention, her creation is in direct contact with the impulse of the reality lived from the inside, which moves us away from the relation distanced to the motif. The real transfigured by this quest for identity gives her production its originality. CAMPO plays above all on transparency and authenticity.
Her works, of various sizes, privilege the human form, decanted, interface that puts us in relation with our own image and the allegory. Its purified way of rendering the form and the atmosphere, through diluted colors, rather than saturated, gives a subtle, timeless and dreamlike character to her representation.


Acrylic and mixed media.


Christine Campeau - CAMPO, her artist signature - mainly self-taught, starts her journey in creation by studies in Drawing and Graphic Design. Creativity workshops will allow her to learn different techniques, to enrich and to evolve her practice towards a very personal expression.


Born in 1968 in Montreal.


Campo participates every year in various art symposiums, solo and collective exhibitions throughout Quebec.


Her paintings are part of several private collections in North America and Europe.

Media coverage

The art of Campo has been the subject of articles and reports in Design and Art magazines.