Caroline Bouchard Cabo

Caroline Bouchard Cabo

Artistic approach

It is during a trip to Thaïland that Caroline Bouchard decides to make her dream a reality. For her, the work of artist is linked to the exploration, as much as the emotions as the materials, it is a little bit like traveling, we are to discover of others and of ourselves at the same time.
'My creative process lies in pure and uncalculated emotion. Of course you must first master the material, it allows me afterwards to have fun, play and explore. With acrylics, colored epoxies and metallic pigments, I begin and magic takes shape in order to give intensity and vibrancy 'she said.
A painting by Cabo is like diving into a universe in motion that illuminates the observer and the space.




Caroline Bouchard (Cabo) studied fine arts in college and, after a period of travelling across the world, has since returned to Québec to work as a full-time painter.


The artist works and resides in the Laurentian region of Quebec.


The artist has participated in several exhibitions throughout Quebec.


Cabo’s work can be found in private collections throughout North America and Europe.