Chantal Laflamme CLAF

Chantal Laflamme CLAF

Artistic approach

CLAF is always exploring contrasts in her art qualified as abstract : softness vs hardness, fluidity vs rigidity, elegance vs rudeness. She paints mainly with acrylic and epoxy. She varies the shapes of her frames and uses many different materials such as mirror pieces, crystals and textiles which in all create her unique style. The artist is also inspired by modern architecture and everything related to it whether that be rough materials or the different forms and structures that compose it. She makes art that mirrors her image: “determined, affirmative and daring”.




The artist is self-taught. She accumulated knowledge throughout the years by participating in a variety of private classes given by other artists from Quebec.


CLAF is born in la Tuque in Haute-Mauricie in Quebec.


Since 2018, she has participated in numerous individual and collective exhibits in Canada.


Her work is found in many private and corporate collections in Canada and in the United States.


CLAF was a part of a few associations including member in Conseil des Arts de Aylmer, member of Culture Outaouais, more recently, member of the CA Symposium Gatineau en Couleurs.


She merited herself a few prizes in North America: winner of “Oeuvre artiste Outaouais”, Mode Mobile, 2019 and favorite artist of the public, Symposium Plaines Couleurs in Quebec city.

Media coverage

A few of her pieces have appeared in Emergence Magazine Quebec, Tourisme Express, l’actualité de l’industrie touristique and Le portail de l’Outaouais.