Claude Bonneau, IAF

Claude Bonneau, IAF




Enthusiastic about the visual arts, he asks his parents to let him take drawing classes while attending third grade elementary school. Claude Bonneau thus became an artist at the tender age of eight. A self-taught painter, he soon develops his own very personal style. A music lover, he enjoys painting street performing jazzmen as well as classical musicians in elegant surroundings. The artist also depicts beautiful still lifes and great representations of everyday situations. The color palette he usually employs is in the tones of red, orange, yellow and ochre. He underlines the contours of his characters and objects with a thin black line thus accentuating the contrasts and light. Finally, the artist creates depth in all his paintings by including largely defining shadows.


Alma, Lac Saint-Jean, Québec, 1958.


Since 1998, numerous solo and group exhibitions in Québec, Canada, France and Belgium, notably: exhibitions in Limoges and Tulle, France, April-May 2010; Symposium de peinture des Îles-de-la-Madeleine, 2009-2010; Salon international d’art contemporain de St-Tropez, France, 2008; Exposition du Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France, 2007, etc.


Many international, private and corporate collections in Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia and well known Canadian companies such as: Royal Bank, AT&T Canada, La Presse daily newspaper Montréal, Inter-Continental Hotel, Broccolini Construction of Montréal and the prestigious Forbes Magazine.

Associations and recongnitions

Member of the «Institut des arts figuratifs» of Québec since 2001.


Honourable Chairman, Symposium de peinture Rivière-à Pierre, Portneuf, 2010; Public’s award, Symposium de peinture Port-Daniel-Gascon, Gaspésie 2009; Public’s award, Symposium de peinture Tadoussac, 2008; Public’s award, Grand Sault, N.-B., 2007; Artist, Honourable guest, Symposium de peinture d’Alma, 2006; Honourable Chairman, Symposium St-Ulric, 2005; Honourable Chairman, Symposium de Baie-Comeau, 2004; Honourable Chairman, Symposium du Carnaval de Québec, 2003; Jury’s award, Symposium de St-Georges-de-Beauce, 2001 and Honourable Chairman, 2002; 1st Public’s award, Stephen Lowe Gallery, Calgary, AB, 2000; Public’s choice award, Symposium de peinture de Baie-Comeau,1999; Chosen work of art, Festival de Jazz de Baie-Comeau, 1994, etc.

Media coverage

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