Clément Lemieux

Clément Lemieux

Artistic approach

Father of 12 children, his muse is love, the body and family ties. His passion for Judo allowed him to learn to study and work the human body thus helping him to better situate movement and position in space on his sublime sculptures.
His abstract subjects, simplified to their most elementary forms, have clean lines an audacious choice of colours. The artist has developed over time the ability to associate form and colour, varnished in polyurethane. His unique sculptures go from 6 inches to 13 feet and express all human form.
His colourful abstract paintings demonstrate an ample but controlled stroke.


Wood sculpture (Pine, Lime, Cherry and Spruce) varnished with polyurethane


A self-taught artist, Clément Lemieux has focused exclusively on sculpture since 1992.


Born in Lévis in 1946.


His pieces can be found in private collections across Canada, the States, and Europe.


« The artist is associated with the Cirque du Soleil, who distribute hundreds of his works abroad during the course of their colourful shows »


At Joyner Waddington’s Canadian Fine Art auction in 2003, one of his pieces went for the tidy sum of 26 000 $

Media coverage

Sofa Déco, winter, 2011-2012 featured an article « Clément Lemieux artist and sculptor ; wood work »