Colette Falardeau

Colette Falardeau

Artistic approach

Her artistic universe is imbued with her experience in fashion design where her naive style winking at the Pin Ups of the 50s is always filled with humor and fantasy.
"Warning! My characters with luscious shapes, who find themselves in naughty situations, are very cunning women who know how to achieve their ends! …With finesse and sometimes accidentally… but one thing is certain, they always manage to extract a smile from the observer of the painting! " she says.
Round shapes, warm colors, fun subjects, everything at Colette Falardeau’s paintings invites us to approach art with enthusiasm and joy!




Colette Falardeau studied Fashion Design. She worked for several years as a fashion illustrator and driven by her desire to live in a creative environment, she became a professional painter in the early 2000s.


Born in 1962 in Alma, Lac-St-jean.


The artist is represented by several major galleries across Canada.


The works of Colette Falardeau are part of private collections around the world.

Media coverage

A great report was published at the beginning of her career in the magazine Magazin'Art, which made her known to a wider audience...