Danaé Couture

Danaé Couture

Artistic approach

The intimate relationship between the artist and the painting allows her to give free rein to her imagination, to banish the familiar landmarks and contours of the outside world, to start from a world in its raw state. Danaé Couture paints without a safety net and takes all the risks. In essence, it is the spontaneous inspiration to which the artist abandons herself in her creations that shapes each of her paintings. Her work is in the continuity of abstract expressionism by highlighting the dissociation between reason and intuitive gesture. Its bright color palette and generous impasto evoke joy and a shower of positive emotions!




A tax specialist and accountant by training, she has always given an important place to art in her life. A self-taught artist, there are no rules or predefined plans when she paints. A little like the abstract automatist artists, Danaé Couture expresses a freedom of creation beyond any aesthetic reference.


Currently residing in Drummondville in the Centre-du-Québec region, Danae was born in China.


The artist participates in various art fairs, solo and collective exhibitions across North America and Europe.


Her paintings are part of several private collections in North America and Europe.

Media coverage

The evolution of her art has been the subject of many articles and reportages in newspapers, art magazines and decoration magazines.