Denis Roy

Denis Roy

Artistic approach

Inspired by Quebec automatists and the European and American abstraction, his style fluctuates between these two artistic movements. He paints with energy and emotion without distinguishing between his inner world and the outer reality. A breathable rhythm structure deeply animates his work to better showcase them.

"Different colors and elements merge, shout and cross at each other to form a magma or an osmose from where emerge different forms.

A nature lover, Denis Roy divides his time between his workshop in Vaudreuil (Quebec) and the Laurentians where he enjoys hiking, biking or snowshoeing. When he wants to soak up from the nature he goes to Val David or to beautiful park Mont-Tremblant where he feeds his artistic needs near of the Iroquois, Mercier and Ouimet waterfalls.


Acrylic on canvas


After numerous trips to Europe in the eighties, he began to paint. Although his experience on drawing and as a cartoonist he enrolled in Art and Art history at UQAM to refined his art.


Denis Roy was born in Salaberry de Valleyfield, Québec.


He paints since twenty years; therefore he participates in 5 or 6 solo exhibitions and symposiums yearly.


His artwork is part of private and corporative collections across Canada, United States and Europe.