Patrice Désilets

Patrice Désilets

Artistic approach

Désilets’s aesthetic resides somewhere between figurative and abstract disciplines. He likes to invite his particular and recognizable characters into his abstracts paintings. Creation and practice are determined by emotional impulse. He starts his paintings by physically throwing paint onto the canvas, blending desired colours and intuitively creates an atmosphere with his hands. Désilets uses acrylic paint, pencils, oil pastels and collage. He feels that painting with tools takes away the authenticity of the organic experience of painting. Désilets only uses brushes and other painting tools as a mean to refine his work.




Patrice Désilets spend his childhood drawing on everything he touch inspired by his daydreaming thoughts. He has begun Fine Arts studies but soon left it to be self taught artist.


Born in the small town of Grand-Mère, he lives and works in Montreal suburban.


The artist has participated in several exhibitions throughout Quebec and many art shows in different cities all over the world.


Private collections across Canada and United States but also in Spain, South Korea and Brazil.