Diana Polizèno

Diana Polizèno

Artistic approach

Line and drawing are at the source of her artistic exploration. In the static painting, Polizèno has the capacity to evoke movement, thus time, through its stripes, interlacing and other tracings that sketch the bodies represented with the economy that could have a Ku-K'ai-Chih (one of the most famous Chinese painters known for his realistic portraits) and here, the allusion to Chinese art is not fortuitous. By penetrating beneath surface appearance to seize the inner essence of individuals, he sought to "convey the spirit" of man through portraiture and figure narratives. This pursuit of qualities lying beyond form and verbal definition marks the beginning of painting as a fine art in China.
In her split characters, often dancers (up to thirty!), Is it a multitude of characters or the same character scattered in time? No matter, are we not always different, depending on where we are located in time? To have seen her at work, every detail brings another one, often at the other end of the image. Everything is included in the painting in the manner of harmonic notes in a musical piece.




In 1993, Diana Polizèno completed a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts at the University du Québec à Montréal. From 1997 onwards, she was recognized as a professional painter and developed her own creation techniques that would make her paintings original and unique works.


The artist is from Montreal.


Diana Polizèno has participated in several exhibitions throughout Quebec.


Her works are part of private collections throughout North America and Europe.