Dominique Desmeules

Dominique Desmeules

Artistic approach

Speaking about her work, Desmeules is quoted as saying, "my artistic approach is inspired by floral subjects such as flower beds, flower gardens, or even a simple bouquet". Both an avid gardener and photographer, she takes photos of plant life throughout the year and uses them later for inspiration in her painted works.
Given her education, Desmeules is proficient with both colour theory and advanced painting techniques. Her work is perhaps best recognized for its unique contrast of watercolour and impasto. Taken together, they create a unique visual effect which is sure to capture the imagination of viewers.




Dominique Desmeules holds a diploma in Fine Arts and has studied 2D Design at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM).


Born in Chicoutimi.


Solo and group exhibitions in Canada, USA, England, Korea, Japan and Italy.


Private and public in North America, Europe and Asia.


AAPARS, Association des artistes peintres de la Rive-Sud (South Shore Painters Association).

RAAV, Regroupement des artistes en arts visuels (Group of Visual Artists).

CAPSQ, Cercle des artistes peintres et sculpteurs du Québec (Circle of Painters and Sculptors of Quebec).

Media coverage

From 1998 to the present, the art of Dominique Desmeules have been the subject of many articles in art magazines, newspapers and television such as in Arabella –Canadian Art, Architecture and Design «Artists who paint flowers» in March 2013 and 8 pages report in July 2011, Radio Canada Television 2008, Progrès-Dimanche, Le Quotidien, Parcours Art Magazine and the Canadian Artist Gallery Directory Magazin’Art.