Dominique Martineau DomM

Dominique Martineau DomM

Artistic approach

The artist signs her paintings DomM a diminutive of Dominique with a "M" in the form of a heart that symbolizes her love of art. She describes her style as a Contemporary Glamour Pop with its suave characters whose limits of the image recall the photographic framing and by the way she makes contrast with the black and white and bright colors whose light emission causes an almost fluorescent effect.
Having abandoned the oil for the benefit of acrylic colors, Dominique Martineau does not hesitate to mix different materials or glossy varnishes to accentuate the effects of light. Each work allows her to discover her artistic freedom, which she transmits to us with love.


Acrylic and mixed media.


It is by drawing that Dominique Martineau has distinguished herself from her early childhood and discovered her passion for the arts. In 2006 she began her career as a professional artist with several exhibitions in Quebec.


Born in 1982 in Saint-Agapit, Quebec.


The artist has participated in several exhibitions throughout Quebec.


Private collections throughout North America and Europe.