Éric Dupont

Éric Dupont

Artistic approach

Through his body of work, Dupont makes us aware of what he terms the ‘‘infinitely small and infinitely big’’. By framing or magnifying details, the artist explores the mystery of living organisms by means of his own scientific knowledge and imagination.
Dupont enjoys juxtaposing colour and texture and employs the use of a spatula to this end. Seen as a whole, this methodology gives an overall sense of depth and perspective which enhances the themes of each piece. Dupont invites viewers into a magical world: a world invisible to the naked eye and often unknown to the public.




Éric Dupont has been painting professionally since 1995. He also holds a Ph.D. in Physiology-Endocrinology from Laval University’s Faculty of Medicine and a fellowship in neuroendocrinology from the University of Montréal. Over the past 20 years, Dupont has significantly refined his expertise in painting. Reaching the climax of his sophistication in recent years, the artist is motivated by the desire to represent the dualities which he perceives in nature, in the mind, and in the human condition.


Born in Saguenay, Quebec.


Duo exhibition, December 2017; solo exhibition, April 2013. Toronto International Art Fair (Oct 2014-2013) and Nuit des galeries in Quebec city (Sept 2013).


Eric Dupont's paintings are in private collections throughout North America, Europe and Asia.


Winner of the Arts and Business Award, November 2014.

Media coverage

Numerous articles, interviews and reports on the artist including Prestige Magazine (Oct. 2017), Le Soleil Journal (Oct. 2016), Radio-Canada Television (Sept. 2016) and many others since 2013. Publication of his book: La vie intégrale, 2017.