Éric Munsch

Éric Munsch

Artistic approach

In his paintings, Munsch reveals a unique vision of seascapes situated, in his own words, between "heaven to earth’’. To this end he makes full use of a varied palette from warm to cold tones. This affords the artist with the means express the scenes in his imagination without impediment and to the most vivid effect.


Eric Munsch was formally trained at the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg. Though initially devoted to portraiture, he later favored the work of the impressionist and abstract schools.


Born in the Alsace region of eastern France in 1972.


Éric Munsch’s work has been displayed in over thirty solo exhibitions; mostly in Europe.


Private and corporate collections in Europe, Canada, and the United States.


Member of The House of Artists: the largest association of visual artists in France.

Media coverage

Television: The Tea or Coffee TV show in France and several reports on TV3V.
Press: Artention, Universe of the Arts, and Marianne.