Fabian Bonilla Jaramillo

Fabian Bonilla Jaramillo

Artistic approach

After an important passage in animation and audio-visual, a time when he founded Colectivo Kinoclaje - winners of many international prizes, Fabian Bonilla Jaramillo is dedicated today to his first passion: painting. Inspired by the rituals of one of the oldest tribes of the Amazon, the Cofan, he reinterprets the relationship between emotion and nature in the form of fascinating mythical animals. Each of his works tells an epiphany, where the term is used in a philosophical sense to signify that a person has new information or experience, which fundamentally illuminates the whole and now sees the whole thing.


Mixed media.


Jaramillo begins a traditional Beaux-Arts training at the National University of Colombia in 2002 where he will discover a new trend: the digital arts. Combining his acquired skills in academic drawing, acrylic painting, oil, aerosol and software developed for artists in order to process sound, graphic and video streams in real time, Fabian Bonilla Jaramillo develops a personal language to illustrate his plastic and interactive graphic expression. This will lead to in-depth studies at the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina in the field of cinema (Cinematic Aesthetics and Film Direction), art psychology and theories of art. The artist is in constant training to perfect his knowledge of new media.


Born in Bogota, Colombia in 1983.


The artist has participated in numerous exhibitions of paintings and film festival and animation throughout South and North America, the Caribbean and Europe.


Private collections in South America, North America and Europe.


2019 - EMES Rencontres cinéma d’Amérique Latine, France 2016 - Cinéma et Nouvelles technologies, District Institute of Arts, Colombia 2014 - Concours de murales: Memories of the Future, Idartes, Bogota 2011 - Salon Internacional de la Luz, ADFC, Colombie 2010 - Festival Animacam, Mallorca, Spain 2009 - Festival du Court-métrage, Cuba 2008 - Festival Animamundi, Brazil 2006 - Animadrid, Spain 2006 - The 22nd International Short Film Festival, Gwermany 2005 - Footage in 35mm, Museum of Modern Art, Bogota, Colombia