Fabien Delaube

Fabien Delaube

Artistic approach

Mastery in all the pictorial knowledge, from classical painting to trompe-l'oeil, his personal art is revealed in the execution of a contemporary figurative painting, imprint of dreamlike. Working from mixed techniques applied to the canvas, his preference, however, goes to the oil painting that he likes to use to perfect the finish of all his works.
Fabien Delaube likes to paint closed, almost inexpressive faces, whose human bodily characteristics are reminiscent of the inspired forms of African masks or other facies borrowed from theater or military history. The oil used by the artist as a final medium for the realization of the work, accentuates this almost sacred, precious feeling, which seems to emerge from the subject represented. Fragments of individuals steeped in poetry as timeless as it is fantastic, Fabien's works plunge us into a "mirrored" contemplation that one wonders, of the two, who stares at the other?


Mixed and oil.


Specialized decorator trained at the Bordeaux Opera as well as artist painter, Fabien will first learn about audiovisual techniques, especially those of photography, before moving later to a rich and plural learning of the visual arts.


Born in Bordeaux in 1973, the artist now lives in Paris.


The artist still works regularly as a specialist decorator and exhibits his paintings between his native region and Paris. His fame has opened the doors of major art galleries where his art is represented.


Fabien Delaube's art is part of collections throughout North America, Europe and Asia.