François Bélanger

François Bélanger

Artistic approach

Holder of a Bachelor's degree in Art and Graphic Design, the artist who left scientific studies approaches art where his work is never the reproduction of an image. It always starts with a vague feeling, the desire to paint. The painting starts where it wants to... but afterwards, everything follows. That's the main thing. What is important above all is to express through art his feelings and emotions. François Bélanger likes to react to colors and he is sensitive to aesthetics.
Through graphic design and pictorial space composition, he allegorically arranges various elements to reassert the picture plane and capture the concentrated effect of the present moment.
« I believe in a deeply ordered chaos, I want a very ordered image, on the other hand, I want it to be the result of chance » as the artist himself puts it.




Though initially enrolled in the neurobiology program at McGill University, François Bélanger later changed majors and graduated with a degree in Fine Arts.


Born in 1956 in Montréal.


The artist has participated in several exhibitions throughout Quebec.


Private collections in Canada, United States, and Europe.