Gabriella Luciano

Gabriella Luciano

Artistic approach

The creation of her works is at the crossroads of art, technique and society. Multidisciplinarity is at the heart of its aesthetics. Like many Gabriella finds balance and transposes them into her form of inner healing buy combining her experience of fashion with her knowledge of healing. It is these 2 extremes that create works of art where many can find their own inner peace. "Every day we wear clothes and accessories that do more than just cover our bodies. We choose them to represent our personality, our mood, our time, our ambitions and our desires "she says. Gabriella Luciano dresses our walls in the same way, with a luxuriant taste for colors and eloquence!


Mixed on canvas.


A graduate in fashion design from LaSalle College, Gabriella Luciano has been a designer for over twenty years; a dream she has cherished since her early childhood. It was at the time she was admitted to the National Theater School of Canada in costume design that she was offered her first job as chief designer for Liquid Snowboards. She will choose this position instead, which will allow her to make a mark in the community. Luciano has also been creative director for famous brands like Point Zero, Hollywood Jeans and Parasuco. Her work has earned her many awards and the honor of presenting one of her world-class dresses at Complexe Desjardins in Montreal. Parallel to this career, Gabriella creates work of art combining collage and painting. She has transposed her knowledges in haute couture into the field of visual arts. Always in a search for love and light, Gabriella decides to leave the limelight filled with ego and questions the direction her path has taken. She finds happiness on a quest for genuineness, connection and grace. Self-love, practice of compassion, non-judgment and meditation become key. She pursues a degree as a naturopath to find ways to heal. With this clash of worlds Gabriella finds peace in some of the most hectic areas of life and transposes this balance in her paintings.


Born in 1976 in Montreal. She lives and works in this same city.


The artist has participated in several exhibitions across North America.


Gabriella Luciano’s art is part of private collections throughout North America and Europe.