Hélène Lafontaine

Hélène Lafontaine

Artistic approach

Pixelism is the structure of movements and reconstructed colors. Each brushstroke, sometimes striking, sometimes subtle, overlaps vertically and horizontally, forming squares. Pixel after pixel, Hélène Lafontaine brings autumn landscapes, waterfalls and other outdoor scenes to life. The digital world meets nature. Her apparently abstract works, square by square, nevertheless illustrates a figurative style. With a little perspective or squinting, her landscapes reveal themselves in finesse and subtlety... The artist evolves, her painting too. Over time, her centers of interest multiply, which widens her field of pictorial possibilities. She explores new territories and assumes the different aspects of her painting where her palette widens with the acquisition of new techniques which enrich the whole. Navigating from one universe to another allows her to retain a certain freshness in her relationship with painting. Hélène Lafontaine also works a lot by instinct; it's the touch that gives a soul to each canvas!




Fascinated by the world of arts from an early age, Hélène Lafontaine was greatly influenced by her mother and an aunt, both artists. After studies in Applied Arts, a solid academic base on the use of materials and colors, the artist's path will lead her to create what she calls "Pixelism".


The artist lives and has her art studio in Mauricie area, Quebec.


The artist has participated since 1981 in numerous solo and group exhibitions, art symposium and competitions. She regularly takes part in cultural activities in her region.


Hélène Lafontaine’s art is found in private collections across North America and Europe.


Art X Terra, art consulting in Quebec and Ontario.


July 2017 - Committee Prize, Granby Urban Colors Symposium. May 2017 - 1st prize Art X Terra competition, SIDIM.