Hugo Landry

Hugo Landry

Artistic approach

While his studies in Visual Arts contributed to develop his artistic thought, his bachelor degree in Graphic Design allowed him to compose better with the power of colors. Hugo Landry paints exclusively with the spatula. He likes the acrylic and favors canvas and wood as the support. Color and vitality are at the center of the painter's work. The energy released from each painting reflects the harmony of colors that challenges the eye and the imagination of the viewer. The latter is thus brought into a world that is both abstract and fragmented. The idea of motion and matter allows the artist to explore a rich and wide range of emotions. The artist rarely know the final form of a painting. This part of the risk of unknown and spontaneity gives a special meaning to his work.


Acrylic on canvas and wood.


Training in Plastic Arts (DCS) and bachelor degree in Graphic Design.


The artist was born in Gaspé.


The artist is represented in several art galleries in Quebec and participates in social-cultural events such the CLIDEP Haïti, LGBT, Muscular Dystrophy Canada, Parkinson Quebec Society and GRIS-QUEBEC.

Media coverage

Article in the newspaper of Quebec, August 2015. Report in Quebec Scope Magazine, July 2015. Report in the magazine Sofadéco, July 2014. Appearance in the magazine Bazzart, edition " The Collectors ", January 2014.