Isabelle Rivest

Isabelle Rivest

Artistic approach

Rivest’s work is largely characterized by luminous flowers contrasted against stark backgrounds. This stylistic device serves to simultaneously call attention to the beauty of her bouquets while the drippings suggest their imminent decay. Thereby working in dualities, both aesthetically and esoterically, Rivest’s pieces are at once beautiful to behold while also reminding us of the ephemeral nature of life.




Isabelle Rivest is a self-taught artist with a background working as a hairdresser and stylist; something which afforded her the opportunity to explore artistic trends and to develop her proficiency in colour theory. Seeking a new means of self expression, Rivest made use of this knowledge and translated it to working on canvas. Intrigued by the colours and shapes of flowers, she made them the primary focal point of her artistic production and has since successfully reconciled this traditional subject with a contemporary aesthetic.


Born in the Montréal region in 1978.


Rivest’s work can be found in private collections across North America and Europe.