Jay Geeker

Jay Geeker

Artistic approach

Being a great art collector himself, he found a way to bring together his two greatest passions in life to create a unique style. The pop art Exploded Optic style of this emerging artist has won over many patrons. His impressive social media following has defined him as a top player across North America. Jay Geeker's art incorporates vivid and saturated colors, bold, crisp and precise lines that characterize his art as polished, but also playful and fun. He is asked all the time if his art is created digitally, which is a tribute to the precision of all his paintings.




With a background in CNC machining Jay has taken his skill to create precision mechanical components to the art world. With solid clean lines, and saturated vibrant colors he calls his style "Precision Pop Art". He has machined parts that have literally gone into outer space to the International Space Station. Being able to hold the tight tolerances required for that kind of work has made his transition into art world a unique one.


Washington, DC.


The artist creates social media events and is represented by professional galleries in Canada and the United States.


Private collections throughout North America and Europe.