Jocelyne La Pointe

Jocelyne La Pointe


Acrylic on porcelain.


In addition to her education in art history, Jocelyne La Pointe developed her painting technique with fellow landscape artists Jean-Louis Hébert, Marcel Hamelin, and Marcel Fecteau. It wasn’t until years later, however, when she perfected her style and medium.
On the occasion of a friend’s daughter’s birthday, La Pointe decided that she wanted to create a unique gift which would allow her to express but also challenge herself. A chance encounter with a ceramics artist shortly thereafter furnished her with the perfect solution: she purchased a piggy bank and painted on the surface to excellent effect. From this one experience emanated the work for which La Pointe is now well reputed. Her pieces stand testament to the successful questioning of traditional mediums and can now be now found in galleries nationwide.


Born in Montréal in 1947.


Her work can be found in several countries: Asia, Australia, Europe and the United States.


Honourable mention from the National Council for the Arts 1992-1993, for her overall production.