Artistic approach

The creative process of Jolic is unique: it always starts with paintings completely painted with a matte black. With brushstrokes, spatula, palm of hand or a cloth, the artist instinctively follows her inspiration while abstract art proves to be the best way to represent the intensity of her emotions simply by means of forms and colors. Her artistic approach is to balance and contrast but also to find focal points and leave quiet areas where the eyes can rest. She moves from one canvas to another with enthusiasm to bring them to a phase she calls "detachment". When Jolic gets to that point, it's time for her to let go. Only then can she seek a new canvas and start the euphoria of a new creation.




After her studies in graphic design, architecture and silkscreen on textile; Jolicoeur decided to devote herself to her first passion inspired by her grandmother and began her career as a multidisciplinary artist, signing her works Jolic.


Louise Jolicoeur was born in Philadelphia, USA. She now resides in the Laurentides in Quebec.


Since 2015, the artist has participated in numerous exhibitions, symposia and competitions, where won several recognition awards.


Jolic's artworks are found in private, public and corporate collections throughout North America and Europe.


2022 – Bronze Award Camelback Gallery Bold Abstracts Arizona USA.
2021 - Award Federation of Canadian Artists Abstract Art FCA Gallery Vancouver; 1st Prize Abstraction Gallea, Editor’s Choice Artfinder UK.
2020 – Award Artistes Canadiens Contemporains, Singulart France.
2019 - Peer Recognition in Gatineau in Color, Jury Mention ARTO St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, 1st AAAVT Terrebonne Award, 1st Jury Award Expo Art Ste-Anne-des-Plaines, Jury Prize PARCOURS L'Assomption.
2018 - 1st prize at the Ste-Anne-des-Plaines art fair jury, Prix Coup de Coeur at the St-Eustache Symposium, Silver Brush at the Mirabel concert show, Prince of Art Toulouse Paris, 8th RANKART international competition prize, 1st Grand Prix of the jury Expo Blainville art.
2017 - 1st Grand Prix of the Blainville Art Expo jury, 1st prize of the Expo art jury Ste-Anne-des-Plaines, 1st prize of the Mascouche Expo art jury, Choice of the Mascouche Symposium Symposium.
2016 - Special mention Blainville Creativity, Public Choice Expo Blainville art, Honorable Mention of the art exhibition jury Ste-Anne-des-Plaines.
2015 - 1st Grand Prix of the Jury Annual Competition Blainville