Josée Forest

Josée Forest

Artistic approach

Through over sizes canvases, the artist invites the observer to penetrate her world. Maelstrom between contemporary figurative style and abstract where the splashes of colors contrast with the pure whites, Josée Forest embraces us with brushstrokes whose gesture is sometimes sensual, sometimes fiery. The gesture creates the movement which evokes a sensation of strength and fullness to her works.
Unruly emotion enriches consciousness.
The artistic attitude of the artist subserved the physical act of painting. The figurative suggestions are animated by the movement of the gesture. Josée Forest creates her semi-abstract works by painting and projecting colors on canvas. The structure of the painting results from the intuition of the artist but also from the various behaviors of color. The vital energy is the engine, the source and the sense of work. Painting then appears as an irrelevant and instinctive moment of existence. The work is a testimony of the living body, in action and movement in the moment.


Acrylic and mixed media.


Self-taught painter, Josée Forest is housed in renowned art galleries since 2009.


Born in Montreal, Quebec.


Her art works are part of several private and corporate collections throughout the world including Canada, United States, Mexico, France, England, Japan, China and Australia.