Karina Kelly

Karina Kelly

Artistic approach

Kelly lets her emotions guide her when she’s creating. An introspective work motivates her creativeness, meaning she pours herself completely in her art. She expresses her personality which is sensitive and vulnerable. Her art can be considered abstract and semi-figurative. She explores an infinite perspective with paint. She translates her universe through each work with expressive and energetic gestures. Her paintings are often dressed of vivid colors, textures, transparency, opacity and contrast.




She is self-taught. In 2005, she was introduced to painting by many other established artists.


Karina Kelly was born in Charlesbourg, Quebec.


She participated in many symposiums, group exhibits and also had solo shows.


Her works are part of the Complexe de la Capitale, l’Auberge la Goéliche, Signalisation Lévis and is also owned by many private collectors in North America, Europe and Australia.


Kelly is professional member of BLEU – Le regroupement des artistes et artisans d’art de l’île d’Orléans and member of Mondial Art Academy.


In 2018, she got a mention of excellence for Composition in abstract art during an international competition of art work with jury, Sixth Edition, Césure.

Media coverage

2020, Interview for Journal Autour de l’île. 2019, Interview for her solo exhibit streamed on Québec Hebdo.