Amélie Lampron

Amélie Lampron

Artistic approach

Very sensitive, Amélie is continuously inspired by her environment, her background and her personal journey. The colorful and extravagant universe of the show business mixed to the harmony of the body is an integral part of her art. Her passions also give her access to a large range of emotions, which she then applies to transpose on metal.
The fiery gesture, the expressionist brushstrokes and the flamboyant colors express "an urgency to put colors on the words that run through my head" as she says so well. Amélie Lampron's pictorial approach interweaves the figurative and the abstract as if to make the connection between the mind and the body.
Respecting the nature that inspires her, Amélie offsets her environmental footprint by planting trees for each painting sold. She wants to reflect her ecological consciousness in an ever more marked way each year, through her actions and her works. She wishes to offer all that she is to her art, and let herself flourish with the colors.


Mixed media on aluminum.


Raised by a family working in the arts, Amélie Lampron was attracted at a very young age to artistic sports such as ballet, figure skating, circus ... disciplines where the body and art are equally important.
After completing a Sports-Studies program in high school, she obtained her diploma in Visual Arts at Cégep de Ste-Foy.


Born in 1991 in Lévis, Quebec.


Amélie Lampron has several solo exhibitions to her credit in Quebec, including many art galleries, cafés, public libraries and business centers.


Private and corporate across Canada, the United States and Europe.