Leïla Labelle

Leïla Labelle

Artistic approach

As always fascinated by the Orient, Leïla discovers the mysterious world of geishas, the art of the kimono, the beauty and colors of India, Africa, Japan and China related by history in the silk road. From abstract to figurative, she represents traditional symbols and calligraphy of all cultures in the world with historical research in her artwork. The passage of time, the illusion of old frescoes are made to touch us deep inside our unconscious linked to our imagination, personal or shared, whatever the time and place, and that influence individual and collective iconography.


Leïla mixes a large variety of techniques and materials including plaster, sand and beeswax to create unique textures on canvas that becomes her signature. Hand-made papers, fabrics, beads and coins from around the world are added in her work to build personal artifact inspired by some of her journeys.


Leïla began her studies at Concordia University in Montréal in Fashion Design and continued her quest for knowledge by adding sculpture, jewellery design and ceramics to her resume. These variants led to a solid base of many artistic fields from which she developed her own unique style. A long journey in Mexico in 1993 was also a decisive intercultural adventure in her artistic career. In 2015, after months of reflection and experimentation with natural dyes, inks and various handmade papers, Leïla Labelle devotes her time to develop her collection of kimono, geisha and chinese women inspired by “The Silk Road” and faraway lands in a contemporary approach. The artist also started studying chinese calligraphy and the art of chinese painting in 2016 with the renowned artist Liankui Zhang and workshops of organic colour: Tinting Washi Paper with Natural Dyes.


Born in Montréal, 1960.


Over 15 solos, groups and fundraising exhibitions in Montréal, New York and in France. The artist is also involved in causes such as women’s rights in Bolivia and Burkina Faso in collaboration with Oxfam Québec.


Public, Private and Corporative collections in Quebec, Canada, the United States and Europe.


CAPSQ (Cercle des Artistes Peintres et Sculpteurs du Québec) 2008-2015

Media coverage

Leïla Labelle has been the subject of many reports in art and decoration magazines, newspapers, including Magazin’Art- Biennal Directory of Canadian Artists, Sofa Deco and Westmount Examiner.