Lynda Dallaire

Lynda Dallaire

Artistic approach

Today, acrylic on metal has a defining place in Dallaire’s work. Her innovative use of transparent acrylic hues on aluminum creates tones of luminosity in each piece. These tones, combined with the rich textures attributed by the inclusion of coffee beans and stones, are highlighted with the final step of adding a clear coat of lacquer; thus giving her work a sense of continuity and completeness. The enrapturing contrast between the frigidity of the metal and the warmth of the overall composition thus results in the creation of stunning works of art.


Mixed media on aluminium.


Lynda Dallaire is an artist of many talents. Asides from her work in mixed media, she is both a published children’s author and holds a diploma in interior design. The visual arts have been a part of Dallaire’s life since her childhood. From a young age, her various experiments with artistic techniques and mediums led her to study art in college and to thereafter produce the work for which she is now reputed.


Born in Québec City in 1962.

Group exhibitions

2010: 33rd International Exhibition in Cangas, Spain and 27th Gala international des arts visuels son et lumière de Montréal.


2010: Diplôme d’honneur for her contribution to the promotion of visual arts on the international stage during the 33rd International Exhibition in Cangas, Spain. Winner of the Prix Grande Distinction in distinctive technique at the 27th Gala international des arts visuels son et lumière de Montréal.