Marie-Claude Goulet

Marie-Claude Goulet

Artistic approach

Marie-Claude Goulet has her own style and she conveys her positive and resilient nature in her art. She is a determined woman, eager to learn, and to continue her evolution and progression as an artist. She creates with a joyful spirit, and her technical approach is stimulated by openness. The artist lets the medium speak, without always wanting to control it, to welcome certain surprises, giving free rein to imperfection and freedom. She paints in a gestural, expressive manner, with a brush, a spatula or an aerosol. In order to accentuate certain character traits of her animals, she plays with textures, colors, different varnish finishes, iridescent or metallic sparkles. She sees her role as revealing and celebrating the personality of her characters. She creates with her imagination, so that her works can comfort, amuse, touch. "I wish my art could communicate something positive, even if only a fraction of the beneficial effect it has on me."




In her teens through her twenties, she received several awards for her writing skills. She mainly liked to write children's stories, in which animals were the protagonists. Then, she practiced her legal profession for more than 25 years, before turning to painting. Through her paintings, she reconnected with her creative nature, and she tells stories again, thanks to the uniqueness and diverse personalities of her distinctive creatures.


Québec city in 1969.


From the start of her artistic career, she was quickly represented in an art gallery in Rimouski. Her art is now distributed across the province of Quebec.


Private collections throughout North America and Europe.