Mata Lee Art

Mata Lee Art

Artistic approach

Originally inspired by the inevitable charm of exotic dancer and spy Mata Hari, Luc Perreault loves ideas based on insights. By redefining its own aesthetic conventions in the field of portraits and the nude, Mata Lee Art seeks both to sensitize feminine sensibility and to reinvent "fashion". His works are inspired by the world of cinema, music and fashion. Mata Lee Art puts in images a universe where Coco Chanel meets Tim Burton and Madonna. The paintings of Mata Lee Art resonate at a fundamental level of human emotionalism and awaken a powerful mixture of impulses.




Mata Lee Art is the project of artist-designer Luc Perreault, bachelor in Graphic Design from the University of Québec in Montréal. Director of creation, designer and illustrator for almost 30 years, today the artist who is passionate about digital technology and new media gives us here in return to oil painting on canvas with an expressionist theatricality and of a very contemporary humor.


The artist lives in Montreal.


Initially launched on the web, the visual signature of Mata Lee Art has since reached thousands of followers in several countries around the world. For the first time, all his paintings are available to the general public at Le Luxart art gallery located in the Old Montreal.


The art of Mata Lee is popular all over the world.

Media coverage

Mata Lee Art's Facebook page has some 2,700 fans from more than 20 countries around the world. His work was awarded by the magazine Communication Arts.