Mathieu Carrier

Mathieu Carrier

Artistic approach

For Mathieu Carrier, art is a way to reach, entertain, and intrigue people. The linear, structural nature of his work establishes a sense of rhythm and brings viewers into a game with the artist.
Employing both paint and Chinese ink, Carrier not only contrasts mediums but also the results produced thereof; this is to say the deliberate painted shapes versus the random patterns created by the ink. The result is a harmonious balance which jointly captivates our attention and stimulates our imagination.


Acrylic and chinese ink.


Mathieu Carrier holds a baccalaureate in Visual Arts from Laval University.


Born in 1979 in Québec City.


Since 2008, the artist has participated in several group and solo exhibitions in Quebec.


Private in North America and Europe.


2003 NURUN award (Design Human Centered)

Media coverage

2007 Coverage in “Média Matin” a daily newspaper in Quebec City.