Mei Han

Mei Han

Artistic approach

Inspired by Tony Robins, Elon Musk and all those personalities who improve people's lives, Mei Han decided to motivate the world by giving free rein to her creative flair by making beautiful bronze sculptures. Each piece in her "Touch Your Soul" collection delivers an inspiring message of individual excellence and the quest for success.
The creative genius of Mei Han is revealed through its fine bronzes with rich effects of metallic colors. These masterpieces embody the will and determination and will become a daily source of inspiration. Dare the full power!




Already in her twenties, Mei Han was a successful young entrepreneur. Her business acumen and international fervor led her to senior management positions with multinationals in the United Kingdom and Canada. Her passion for sculpture has always inhabited her, but innovation came when she decided to merge her art with positive aspirations that exalt the spirits.


Mei Han creates her works in Montreal.


The artist exhibits her work in selected art galleries in North America and Europe.


Private and corporate collections in Canada, the United States and Europe. The Love sculpture was chosen by the High Commission of Canada in London in 2017.

Media coverage

Her first appearance at Art Expo New York in 2018 earned her much praise and interest.