Michael Foers

Michael Foers


Oil, acrylic and mixed media.


Michael Foers emigrated from England to Canada at a young age. In his early twenties, inspired by the work of the renowned Group of Seven, Foers decided to devote himself entirely to the visual arts. Therein, he developed his own unique style which can be described as a synthesis of his said influences but with a contemporary palette.
At present, Foers lives in Ontario and draws his inspiration from the surrounding landscapes. Each of his pieces possesses an inherently captivating light which is then complimented by colours which seem at once smooth and bold. Working with his signature impressionistic touch, the artist gives his creations a sense of transparency as well as depth. His recent works are markedly contemporary with a sense of colour and space of their own.


Born in Sheffield, England.


Numerous solo and group exhibitions in Canada and the United States.


Private and corporate collections in North America, Europe, Japan and Australia.

Media coverage

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