Michel Leblanc

Michel Leblanc

Artistic approach

Using uneven strokes of spatula, Michel Leblanc unleashes his creativity by giving us the impression of sailing on a sailboat or exploring the city in the rain. Natural and intuitive artist, his spontaneity is expressed by his capacity to reconstruct himself, to take note of the traumatic event and to sublimate it by his art. To surpass one, to hang on, the artist transcends his reality holding this force in an innate way. It is never too late to learn to mobilize our vital impulse.




Michel Leblanc became passionate about painting and theater from the age of nine. After graduate of the Academy of Quebec Entrepreneurship, he founded CinéMasque, an artistic and educational pre-kindergarten as well as a theater school on the south shore of Montreal. Member of the Union of Artists as an actor, he has defended several secondary roles on more than thirty film and television sets. Adversity staked the life of Michel Leblanc. Following two major operations, he has been immobilized for months of convalescence. A pain that he will overcome with his miracle therapy: painting. In August 2008, he came close to death in a violent car accident. Hospitalized for 6 months, Michel Leblanc set to work in a secret workshop in the basement of the hospital where art gallery owners provided him with the equipment to paint. He is also a speaker and author of the book: L’Art qui fait revivre (The Art That Revives) which recounts his incredible journey and inspires by his resilience.


Born July 31, 1970 in Rimouski.


Michel Leblanc's art is presented across Canada as well as in the United States and Singapore.


Private collections in North America and Asia.


Member of the Union Des Artistes du Québec (UDA). Member of Vision sur l’art Québec as a professional artist painter with a disability.

Media coverage

Several reports and interviews in national newspapers and in specialized art magazines such as Magazin’Art, Le Journal de Montréal, Dernière Heure and as many in radio and television shows such as TVA and Radio-Canada.