Najib Chakchem

Najib Chakchem

Artistic approach

Najib Chakchem began painting at a young age. By eighteen, he had already established himself as a successful artist. As his preferred subject, Chakchem paints portraits of women from all around the globe; combining soft blending and lighting techniques worthy of classic figurative realism.
The deeply rooted passion for the women which he paints is clearly discernible through the grace and beauty with which they are depicted. Markedly avant-garde, Chakchem’s figures have a strong presence and are perceived as both hypnotic and timeless.




2007-2008 Studied artistic anatomy and morphology of the human body.
2002-2006 Self-taught contemporary art studies.
1990-2000 Self-taught studies in ancient painting techniques.


Born in 1978 in Tunisia. Currently lives in Montréal.


Group exhibitions :
2010 Participation «Automnal», Galerie El Borj, Tunis; 2009 «Couleurs du ramadan», Galerie El Borj; Galerie Le Cap, Tunis; «Noir sur blanc», Galerie El Borj; 2008 «Inauguration», Galerie El Borj; 2003 Galerie View, Tunis; 2001 Galerie Sidi Bou Said, Tunis; 1998 Galerie Toledo, Italy.
Solo exhibitions :
2010 «Angels», Galerie EL Borj; 2009 «Les Mona Lisa», Galerie le Golfe, Tunis; 2005 Galerie Ebusus Ibiza, Spain; 1999 Galerie Ibn Khaldoun, Tunis; 1998 Galerie Ali Douaji, Sousse, Tunisia; 1998 «Chrysanthème», 1997 «Les feuilles de l’automne»; 1996 «Les maitres de la lumière»; 1995 «La double position du regard», Espace Echebbi, Tozeur, Tunisia.


Member of the Union des Artistes Plasticiens Tunisiens since 1998, Tunisia; Active member of the Groupe des Plasticiens Indépendant, Tunisia.

Media coverage

2010 - Journal Le temps, Tunisia «La caresse du pinceau»; Canal 21, Tunisia; National Tunisian television, interview; Interview broadcasted from Galerie El Borj, Tunisie; La Presse de Tunisie «Paysages féminins-pluriels»; 2009 – National Tunisienne television, interview; 2006 - Tunisian Lifestyle Magazine; 1999 – Radio Tunisie;1998 - La Presse de Tunisie «Un jeune plasticien qui promet».