Nic Rage

Nic Rage

Artistic approach

Nic Rage is an artist who takes us into a world of colors and reflections. By overlapping stories, tales, mythologies, dreams and personal experiences, Rage explores automatist and intuitive creation in his artistic work. Rage's pictorial exploration is evident in the choice of its materials. He mixes acrylic paint, structural mortar as well as pastel, oil paste, oil pencils rich in colors. To its materials is added a technique of application with a brush, spatula, fingers, airbrush and aerosol. Fascinated by universal symbols and their meanings, the artist uses them as anchor points to create a dreamlike and chaotic universe. Drawing from his personal unconscious, he automatically fits into the vast sphere of the collective unconscious.




Nic perfected his art by following several workshops and visual art courses, including two years with Monique Giguère, renowned portrait painter.


Arthabaska, Québec.


Nic Rage's art has been shown in Canada, the United States and France.


Private collections throughout North America and Europe.


1992 Public's choice Award for the artwork "Notre Regard".

Media coverage

2018 Publication art review Galerie N69 (Spring / Summer)
2011 Edition of a collection of paintings and reflections "Le vertige".